Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Grandiose will not only provide you with excellent financial advice, we also partner with other professionals to offer you the widest range of services and products to cater to all your needs. Our professional advice and ongoing service ensures that your financial objectives are met, both now and in the future.

You can be assured that your needs will be met by our customised plan and personalised service. Our quality advice and services includes, but is not limited to the following areas:

Life cycle Planning

Every stage of life has financial implications. What do we have to plan for these stages:

  • Starting work and family
  • In our middle years with high expenses
  • In our pre-retirement years
  • In our retirement

Specific Investment Planning

Making your money work for you and managing risks sounds simple but are anything but. What are sound investment principles and some investments of interest

Specific Tax Planning

How can I save on my taxes legally through tax planning?

Specific Retirement Planning

Retiring rich and having a comfortable retirement remain just dreams for many but you can “take charge and start early” and make it a reality

Holistic Retirement

How can one live holistically during the expected longer retirement years – physically, mentally, financially and spiritually? Ageing well is not just about preserving your body and face or keeping active mentally or socially, but is about integrating all these things. Find out about the three secrets and three rules.

Specific Protection Planning

Making better investment returns can make a small difference to your lifestyle. Not protecting against life’s risks can destroy you and your family financially. Find out what these risks are and how you can protect yourself..

Specific Estate Planning

“Don’t just leave, leave a legacy!” There is no better time to plan your estate distribution than when you still are in control of your assets and your wits.

Personal Financial Advisory

Children's Tertiary Education Planning

CPF Investment Scheme

General Insurance Services

Investment Planning

Retirement Planning

Risk Management

Estate Planning (Referral Services)

Life cycle planning

Corporate Financial Advisory

Business Cash and Reserves Management

Business Succession Planning

Corporate Investment

Corporate Pension Scheme

Corporate Risk Management

Employee Benefits Scheme

Guarantor Risk Management

Key Man Insurance Planning