Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance

Manage the risks while reaping the benefits of the digital economy with our Cyber Liability insurance, a specialised plan to cover cyber threats that are usually not offered in a traditional business policy. Our pre-priced plan affords support for all small businesses.

When you are under cyber attack, a speedy response is critical for recovery of lost data, yet malware can be frustratingly difficult to trace. With our plan, you will also receive 24-hour support of an emergency response team who will begin investigations immediately.

Third Party Cover

Loss or breach of customer or employee information can result in large claims. Our Insurer’s third party cover protects you from claims for compensation, defence costs, fines and penalties from breach of the data protection law.

Remediation Costs

Our Insurer will reimburse you for the costs incurred due to the breach, such as forensic fees, credit monitoring costs, public relations expense and cyber extortion costs.

Business Interruption

Our insurers’ cyber protection goes beyond to provide assurance to your loss of income during business stoppage.

High Cover Limits